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Granite Kitchen Counters Offer Many Options

Home owners all over have actually changed from making use of much more conventional Formica kitchen area counter tops to granite kitchen counters. Granite has a lengthy history of being made use of in the home for points like countertops and sinks. Why has granite countertops obtained popularity? One factor is as a result of its toughness. While Formica can not be as sturdy as granite, it still is able to endure some damage. Reasons to Utilize Granite Countertops While Formica does need practically no upkeep whatsoever, granite kitchen counters do need some unique care to keep them looking their ideal. Since granite is a naturally strong product, scrapes are not likely to take place, nevertheless, the sides can become dull with time from exposure to acidic foods and also beverages like red wine and beer. Though not prone to scuffs, granite will certainly take regular damage similar to wood, especially if you make use of a cutting board with sharp edges. On top of that, while not suitable for use near a microwave or other hot surfaces, granite stands up to heat well, so its application near a microwave is ideal.

How to Make Your Cut on Granite When making cuts on granite countertops, make use of a wood or steel scissor or a diamond-tipped tool to make smooth cuts. For heavier items, use a timber carve that has been reduced with a diamond idea. You do not have to worry about the edges of the granite pieces; they’ll be smooth as well as risk-free from any damaging. When preparing dishes, merely make use of a non-stick fry pan to move food from one side of the frying pan to the other. What to Try to find in a Kitchen area Granite kitchen counters been available in several colors and patterns. Prior to picking your shade and pattern, consider what you want to make with the granite stones – would you such as to match the stainless steel, granite or quartz sink? Would you prefer a monochromatic set of colors (charcoal, black and also white, for example) or a rainbow of shades? Likewise, take into consideration that a kitchen with granite counter tops will certainly call for somewhat a lot more maintenance than one without a granite counter top.

What Are Per Square Foot Costs? Usually, the expense of a per square foot piece of granite countertops will certainly range in between eight and also 10 bucks. Of course, the price will vary depending upon the variety of slabs in your order as well as the dimension of each slab. There are a number of variables, however, that can impact the rate of a single piece. For instance, the larger the piece, the cheaper it will be. Upkeep as well as Cleaning Granite kitchen counters require very little upkeep. The majority of owners discover it unnecessary to utilize any kind of cleaner to clean their kitchen counters. The product is immune to most typical cleaner, and any residue left on the surface merely rubs out with a wet towel. Making use of a non-abrasive cloth will eliminate basically any food fragments that could gather on the surface. With yearly maintenance, routine cleansing and periodic sprucing up, granite counter tops can last a life time.

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